Stone in KG Converter

Stone to KG Converter

Easily Convert Stone to Kilograms with This Simple Formula


How do you convert stone to kilograms? It’s easier than you might think, thanks to this easy formula and step-by-step instructions.

A stone is an imperial unit of mass used in the United Kingdom, but people outside of the UK commonly use pounds and ounces or kilograms instead of stones.

If you need to convert your weight from stones to kilograms, use this handy calculator to do so with ease.

How to Covert Stone to KG?

To covert stone to kg, you need to use a simple formula. First, take the number of stones and multiply it by 6.35029. Then, add this number to the number of kilograms. The final sum is your conversion from stone to kg.

For example, if you want to convert 12 stone to kg, use 12 x 6.35029 = 76.2035 kg (round up).

Stone = 12
1 Stone = 6.35029 kg
KG = 12 x 6.35029
KG = 76.2035

Congratulations! You now know how to convert stone to kg!


Above handy converter can be used online for those who want to do the math quickly.

How to Covert KG to Stone?

There are a few different ways to convert kg to stone. The most common way is to use a kg to stone converter that’s available above. OR You can also use a simple formula to convert kg to stone. Divide the number of kilograms by 6.35029.

For example, if you have 50 kg, that would be 50 / 6.35029 = 7.87365 stones.

KG = 50
1 Stone = 6.35029 KG
Stone = 50/6.35029
Stone = 7.87365

How to Convert Stones to Kilograms Without Math?

The average weight of a stone is 14 pounds. There are 2.2 pounds in a kilogram. To convert stones to kilograms, divide the number of stones by 2.2. So, if you have 10 stones, 10 divided by 2.2 equals 4.545 kilograms.

You can use above kg to stone converter or stone to kg converter for quick and easy conversions without math!

How to Convert KG to Stone and Pounds?

To convert kg to stone and pounds, use this simple formula:

1 Stone = 6.35029318 kg
1 Stone = 14 Pounds
1 kg = 0.157 stones
1 kg = 2.2 pounds

So, if you have a weight in kg of 80, that would be 12.6 stones and 176 pounds.

Convert KG to Stone and Pounds

Separate the numbers like in this case we get the value 12.59784 after the division. Now we need to separate it like 12 + 0.59784, now we need to multiple the 0.59784 with 14 pounds, which is 8.369 lb.

So finally 80kg is equal to 12 Stones and 8.369 pounds.

Convert KG to Pounds

Same you can convert kg to pounds by multiplying the kgs with 2.2.

For example, if we have 80 kg, that would be 80 x 2.2 = 176 lbs.

Stone to KG Chart

When it comes to measuring weight, the metric system is superior to the imperial system. The imperial system uses pounds and ounces, while the metric system uses kilograms.

So, how can you convert stone to kg?

The answer is simple: there is a stone to kg chart that you can use:

Stones (st)

Kilograms (kg)

1 st

6.3503 kg

2 st

12.7 kg

3 st

19.05 kg

4 st

25.4 kg

5 st

31.75 kg

6 st

38.1 kg

7 st

44.45 kg

8 st

50.8 kg

9 st

57.15 kg

10 st

63.5 kg

11 st

69.85 kg

12 st

76.2 kg

13 st

82.55 kg

14 st

88.9 kg

15 st

95.25 kg

16 st

101.6 kg

17 st

107.95 kg

18 st

114.31 kg

19 st

120.66 kg

20 st

127.01 kg

21 st

133.36 kg

22 st

139.71 kg

23 st

146.06 kg

24 st

152.41 kg

25 st

158.76 kg

26 st

165.11 kg

27 st

171.46 kg

28 st

177.81 kg

29 st

184.16 kg

30 st

190.51 kg

31 st

196.86 kg

32 st

203.21 kg

33 st

209.56 kg

34 st

215.91 kg

35 st

222.26 kg

36 st

228.61 kg

37 st

234.96 kg

38 st

241.31 kg

39 st

247.66 kg

40 st

254.01 kg

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many kg in a stone?
A: There are 6.35025 kgs in a stone.

Q: How many stone in a kg?
A: There is 0.157 stone in a kg.

Q: How many pounds in a stone?
A: There are 14 pounds (lbs.) in a stone.

Q: How many stone in a pound?
One pound (lb.) is equal to 0.0714 stone.

Q: How many pounds in a kg?
There are 2.205 pounds (lbs.) in a kg.

Q: How many kg in a pound?
One pound (lb.) is equal to 0.454 kg.